Servicing & Repairs

All repairs and servicing are carried out to a high standard and are fully guaranteed

From an oil change to a full service, AB Automotive offer a wide choice of servicing and general repairs to all makes and models. This including, HGV, PSV, LGV & cars

AB Automotive have state of the art diagnostic equipment and all staff are highly experienced and fully trained.

We recommend Castrol oil as the replacement oil for your vehicle. As it has been recognised for being one of the highest standards available on today's market



Keep up with your Vehicles servicing or things could get costly

AB Automotive carry out vehicle servicing to a high standard on all makes and models of cars, light commercials & heavy goods vehicles

Most car owners service their car every year or 12,000 miles – whichever comes sooner.

Servicing proactively means that defects are found before they become catastrophic. Doing this maintains your car, reduces the risk of a breakdown and can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Major service
  • Interim service
  • Oil service
  • Fuel service
  • Contaminated fuel service

You will find that on average we are 60% cheaper than main dealers on servicing and we pride ourselves on great customer care.

All servicing is carried out by fully trained technicians, using only parts that match the quality of the manufacturer’s original equipment. We will also stamp the service logbook, to ensure that your vehicle’s service history is maintained.

Whether you require a major service or you are just seeking some advice, we have the knowledge, experience and technology to help.

Maintenance & Repairs

Regular maintenance could prevent costly repairs

We offer a full range of garage services, and below are just a few examples. If you require a service not listed below, just get in touch and we will be happy to offer you free advice and can book you in for an appointment if required.

Common repairs

  • Brake pads and discs
  • Wiper blades
  • Bulbs
  • Auxiliary (fan) belt
  • Timing belt
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Welding & Fabrication

Less common repairs

  • Exhaust boxes / catalytic converter
  • Wheel bearings
  • Suspension joints and bushes
  • Driveshaft rubber boots / gaiters
  • Clutch & Gearbox Reconditioning
  • Radiator, water pump, coolant replacement

Get in touch

Newly Established business with over 30 years experience, AB Automotive are friendly independent mobile technicians offering quality parts and services at competitive prices.

Our fully qualified mechanics and technicians are able to offer the full range of vehicle repair services to all types of vehicle in our fully equipped mobile garages located in Brighton, East Sussex.

Whether you require a major service or you are just seeking some advice, we have the knowledge, experience and technology to help.


MOT'S are due once a year, spread the coast of mot repairs by having a pre mot inspection carried out 3 months prior to your vehicles expiry date

At AB Automotive, we offer Mot appointments and arrangements.

How does it work?

Book in your MOT appointment with us at a time that is convenient to you.

We will collect and transport your vehicle to a fully authorised, trusted testing station.

If it fails the MOT, we will contact you with a free quotation, to ask whether you wish us to carry out the repairs.

On passing the MOT test, the car will receive a certificate valid from the date of expiry of your existing MOT certificate.

  • All repairs are fully guaranteed
  • Free quote for any repairs
  • Free retest

Do I need an MOT?

All cars and motorcycles over three years old must undergo a yearly MOT test at an authorised MOT test centre to ensure they are road worthy and comply with environmental requirements set down by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

Check if your vehicle needs an MOT here

MOT tests can be conducted on your car up to one month prior to the expiry date of an existing MOT certificate, provided that a current MOT certificate is presented to the examiner at the time of the test.

Through computerised system's all MOT tests are logged with the DVLA and VOSA. This enables the authorities to keep better records and enables you to buy your road tax online.


We use the latest diagnostic equipment to fault-find problems with your vehicle

If your vehicle is displaying a warning light we advise the need to get it checked by a professional as soon as possible, especially as some can result in an MOT failure or worse case, catastrophic failure.

Diagnostic tests are used to identify and assess problems that may negatively affect the normal operation of a vehicle. In most modern vehicles, an on-board diagnostics computer interface is used in conjunction with diagnostic tools and software to help technicians diagnose a fault.

The advancement of electronic components means that the diagnosis can be very complex, particularly when intermittent faults are encountered.

We are qualified fault System Technicians

At AB Automotive we use the latest Diagnostic Equipment to fault find problems on your car. As a result of our investment in equipment we can provide all of the facilities and fault-finding abilities of the main dealerships without the expensive hourly labour rate associated with them.

Our fully qualified System Technicians are always on hand to find and solve the problem. You are also able to have a one-to-one discussion with the Technician about the problems we find.


We supply and fit tyres for all types of vehicle

AB Automotive are your leading local suppliers of car, van and motorcycle tyres in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

  • Motorcycle tyres, from scooters to super bikes
  • Cars and light commercials
  • Tyre pressure
  • Tyre repair
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel alignment

We supply and fit all types of tyres, including premium brands such as Continental, Dunlop, Pirelli, Goodyear and Michelin, along with a selection of budget tyres. Whatever suits your budget


FREE tyre check

Tyres are of critical importance as they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. Acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all rely on the tyre’s contact with the road surface; so their correct selection, care and maintenance is essential.

Also many people are unaware that low tyre pressure will contribute to higher fuel consumption.

Check your tyre’s pressure, tread depth and general condition regularly to maximise road safety and prolong your tyre’s life.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems needs regular attention to keep them in peak condition

These days, most cars come with some form of air conditioning or climate control. These systems use a special gas to cool and clean the air which in turn helps control the temperature within the vehicle.

Over time the system can lose gas, become contaminated or filters become saturated, which can cause the system to become inefficient or fail completely.

To avoid costly repairs and complete system failure, we recommend air conditioning units are serviced regularly, just like other vehicle parts.

Our air conditioning service removes all the harmful bacteria that can build up within the air conditioning system. It works by circulating a special cleaner through all air intakes and venting systems this service removes any unpleasant smells, leaving your car interior smelling clean and fresh.

This process will ensure that your air conditioning system is working to its full potential.

We recommend that this service is carried out once a year in order to keep your air conditioning system as clean as possible.

Hydro-Dipping(Water transfer)

What is Water Transfer Printing?

You can create crazy, funny, mad, exciting effects on your ATV, Car, Motorbike, boat or anything else including fully customising engine parts and any other component you can think of!

Water transfer printing is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional (3D) surfaces and can be used on:

  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • glass,
  • hard woods, and
  • various other materials.

The only other way to get the kind of high quality individual design flare this process offers is through airbrushing, which is very expensive.

Want to express yourself with a totally unique design?

 Want to stand out from the crowd?

You really can create your own completely unique design – or you can chose from one of the huge range of design options.

Create your very own Hydrographics Design.

Choose your favourite hydrographic print from a wide range of designs and colours.
Select the colour or colours for the undercoat to go under the design – we will guide you as the undercoat will influence the final effect as it will show through the design.
This unique combination of undercoat and hydrographic print design will give you the personalised design you are looking for.
You may only want part of an item covered – talk to us about the effect and look you want to achieve – most requests can be accommodated and the coverage is fantastic even down to those nooks and crannies that a paint brush can’t get into.

Look at the benefits

Heat resistant custom parts – therefore ideal for engine parts

  • Create your totally unique water transfer look
  • Very Affordable Hydrographic process
  • Choice of finishes including high gloss for water transfer printing  process
  • Endless range of designs
  • Long lasting on all possible surfaces including high temperature hydrographic applications
  • Superior glass-look finish

     lets get your vehicle looking insane!

Example of items that have or could have hydro graphics or water transfers applied:

  • Any automotive or car part or car body part.
  • All thing for motorbike how about choppers or petrol tanks with water transfers printed on them.
  • Any part of a boat hull or the interior of the boat or boat accessory can have hydrographics applied.
  • All headgear and helmets for work of play can have carbon fibre coating plus any type of water transfer can also be added .

Other than the automotive and boating industry the products or items that can have immersion printing or cube printing (other terms to describe the water transfer process) are only limited by your imagination.

How about some of these for water transfer printing?

Musical instruments virtually any musical instrument could be used in the hydro graphic process.
Household items, how good would a free standing bath or a big screen TV look with a water printed transfer.

How about in shop fitting, reception desks or counters could be dramatically presented with hydro graphic water printing.

If you would like to enquire on the water transfer process then send us an email or call on the number provided.

Turbo Reconditioning & Upgrades


The turbos fitted to many diesel and some high performance petrol cars have a limited lifespan.

When it comes time to replace a faulty or worn out turbo, why not let us give you an upgrade! 



We can also return your turbo(s) to its former glory using OE original parts saving you the cost of a brand new unit.


An upgrade to your car's turbo(s) can often result in a noticeable improvement in your vehicle's performance.

You might also see benefits in the reliability and longevity of the turbo system.


We can fit your car with a full turbo system upgrade or install modifications to your existing turbo, such as:

  • Larger turbine wheels
  • Ball bearing conversions
  • Uprated ball bearing carriers
  • Turbine wheel cutbacks
  • Resurfacing of turbine housings
  • 360 degree thrust bearings
  • Upgraded actuators
  • Backplate modification
  • Ported shroud conversions
  • Ceramic coatings
  • Twin seal conversion

Available upgrades may depend on your make of vehicle and the type of turbo currently installed.


We can upgrade turbos in most makes of car. All we need is your vehicle registration for a quotation


24hr Roadside Assistance

If you breakdown, we can help!

If you breakdown, need a tow, are involved in an accident or just unable to start your car, we can attend your vehicle at any time, day or night.

AB Automotive can provide 24hr roadside recovery assistance for all types of vehicles including; motorcycles, cars, vans, caravans and coaches.

We have a fleet of service vans to assist in getting you back on the road.

You can trust our team of highly skilled technicians to try and repair your vehicle at the roadside but if this is not possible we will get you back home and carry out the repair work from there.

We aim for reliability, speed and great customer service, all with competitive prices.

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